Thursday, June 23, 2016

Live brexit update 6

FINAL Projection Update. I've been avoiding this as long as I can, but I understand the numbers too well, and can no longer honestly justify putting this off to myself any longer. REMAIN 49% /// 51% LEAVE.
Scotland will remain in the EU as an Independent country, and a very high chance of Northern Ireland either joining Ireland outright, or becoming some kind of condominium ruled jointly by the Republic of Ireland and the Kingdom of England & Wales. Unfortunately, significant terrorism becomes a real possibility in the area.
There will be no more updates on this tonight. I hope I am wrong, but with the numbers I am seeing, I can't justify continuing to project a Remain victory. I am not here to lie to you about the numbers. The pound has dropped from $1.50 US down to $1.34. Oil is down from $50.0 to $47.5. The FTSE is projected to lose between 5% and 10% tomorrow, and the Dow is expected to drop at least 3%. With the fires in Alberta, and these problems, it's safe to say Canada will enter a recession as well.
Lastly, we will now be looking at a split in the western world between English speakers and non-English speakers, with the latter being in Europe and the former, not.

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