Tuesday, November 30, 2021

30NOV2021 updates

 We are into the winter doldrums for politics, but there are a few minor updates.

The czech and icelandic coalitions are now in place. 

I've also run some quick numbers for Italy, and the basic poll average (in terms of seats potentially won at the next election) is as follows:

85 PD (progressive) 
82 FdI (neo-nationalist) 
79 Lega (trump-like) 
64 M5S (left populist) 
32 FI (conservative) 
15 Az (left liberal) 
11 IV (liberal) 
8 EV (green) 
7 A1 (social democrat) 
7 SI (socialist) 
7 +Eu (euro liberal) 
3 CI (moderate)

Lastly, Japan's CDP has picked a new leader. 

Izumi Kenta has won. Mr. Izumi was the furthest 'right' of all the candidates, having stuck with Kibo and the DPP until the final merger. This may indicate a willingness to re-unite and heal the party. 

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