Friday, October 2, 2020

Update - 02OCT2020

 Updates for today!

I've been posting my thoughts on BC to my twitter. The NDP is looking set for a Majority. 

General reminder that the Green Party of Canada picks a new leader on the 3rd. 

New Zealand votes on the 17th. My current thoughts are as follows: 60 LAB // 38 NAT // 14 GRN // 8 ACT // 0 NZF // 0 OTH

Not much to update this week, but, Bermuda did have an election. From what I can quickly gather, two parties, PLP and OBA, split between a more libertarian vs statist view. PLP for example has economically left-wing views, but also socially right-wing views, and could be thought, as such, to be "anti-libertarian", while the OBA has views perhaps more friendly towards libertarianism without being outright libertarian. A new party, FDM, that is more christian democrat in nature, contested this election as well. They did poorly, taking 5% of the vote, and, under 28% in their best seat.  OBA reains it's status as the official opposition, winning 6 seats on 32% of the vote (down from 12 seats on 41% last time), while PLP has been re-elected on 30 seats at 62% of the vote (up from 24 seats on 57% last time). 

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