Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Personal: A quick note on how close I am to losing the internet

When my computer died it was only my windows vista single core laptop that kept me online.

Last night I spilled some water on my desk. It spilled off on to the floor, and on to the router between my desk and the floor below. The internet stopped working.

This morning in a bit of a christmas miracle I was able to get the router working again, but my VOIP phone is not working. I need to try to restart the router again.

The problem is after the water damage, it might not want to restart; but I do need a working telephone.

I have a friend who donated to help get me my new computer who became homeless after family trouble. He was able to stay with a friend.

Another donor lost her job suddenly, and had to get by on credit cards for a month or two while finding a new job.

Another donor in this streak of bad luck crashed his car, totalling it, and had to get a new one with the help of his parents.

My parents dont have the kind of money needed to help me get more than the basics. I don't have any friends in town, in part due to my autism and the impact it has on my social skills. I don't have a credit card in large part due to what happened after I got sick (depression) and had to take months off work.

I don't have the backup resources that even you might if something goes wrong. If the router will not restart when I reset it in a few minutes, I will have no internet, and will only be able to access it from the library, for a maximum of one hour a day.

My father who lives nearby has no internet at home. If my apartment were to burn down I'd also thus lose my internet. The same if ODSP changes mean I can no longer afford rent.

I have no cell phone. I have no backups. I have no alternatives. If the router breaks, I wont have internet. Beyond that since these are teksavvy routers, its likely I wont have internet for weeks while they mail me a new one (that I need to somehow find money for) during the xmas holidays.

Even if that happened, I could still finish that 1995 post, from the library; at least, I should be able to. More and more places are requiring 2-factor authorization which requires a cell phone. Thus if I cant update it, it will autopost on the 31st, only half finished.

The TLDR of this is simply that things beyond my control may mean I suddenly vanish from the internet. I'm writing this because if that happens; either now with this router or later via some other calamity, that I will start working on day 1 to get back online, but that this might not be possible for days, weeks, or even months. I want you to know that I've not abandoned this blog, nor have I abandoned any online communities I am in, nor have I abandoned my twitter. If I suddenly vanish, I will be back. The only reason I wouldn't be is if my poor health decisions finally catch up with me; and in that case, I will be asking people to try to get the word out that this has happened. As such, you may need to search for someone tweeting at me to let my followers know what's happened.

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