Monday, April 9, 2018

Hungarian Election Results

Lets get right into the results

133 - Firesz - National Conservative - Obran (+-0)
26 - Jobbik - Hard Nationalist (+3)
20 - MSZP - Socialist (-5)
9 - DK - Progressive Liberal (+5)
8 - LMP - Green (+3)
3 - Others (1 independent technocrat, 1 liberal, 1 german minority)

There is some talk of MSZP, DK, and possibly even LMP forming a coalition in opposition to prevent the lead opposition role from going to Jobbik, but weather or not this materalizes remains to be seen.

In short, this is in line with what was expected, and as such, there's not much to say that's not been said already elsewhere.

Expect posts soon on the upcoming election in Mexico, and a post explaining how and why politics now is different from what it was in, say, the 1980s.


  1. Are you by any chance able to make a map of this. It would be interesting to see the constituency results as I heard Budapest went mostly for the opposition but Fidesz pretty much swept the rest of the country.