Thursday, March 22, 2018


Not much "new" going on in the world of politics, just more of the same (PCs continue to lead in Ontario, for example)


The biggest news is probably from Italy where Berlusconi's FI party is looking to coalition with M5S. While the two do have a lot of policy overlap, M5S's main goal is anti-corruption, and Berlusconi is the symbol of corruption in modern Italy. Any coalition would thus be difficult.


Not only is there yet another new party on the horizon, but Netanyahu, which is increasingly facing possible corruption charges, only continues to get more popular. Sometimes Israeli politics confound me.


Hungary votes on the 8th of April. Polls show a landslide victory for the governing Fidesz party. It is interesting to see of Jobbik, a far-right party, can manage to finish second or not.


Lebanon supposedly votes on May 6th, but this date has been suddenly changed before. I will cover this nation in greater detail as we near that date.


May 12th is the day for the Iraqi election and it will be interesting to see what shifts, if any, have occured in the past 4 years. Keep in mind that Iraq has fought "civil wars" against both ISIS and the Kurds in the interim.

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