Saturday, March 10, 2018

No result tonight - PC leadership live

Due to the chaos within the PC Party, there will be no result today.

What we know:

I can roughly estimate the ballots

33% - Ford
32% - Elliott
18% - Granic-Allen
17% - Mulroney

41% - Ford
39% - Elliott
20% - Granic-Allen

51% - Ford
49% - Elliott

The problem is what postal codes and ridings. I know of this personally as I happened to live in a riding when I first moved to Ontario that was across the railway tracks from the majority of the riding; as such, my postal code was different from what it normally would be in the riding. I had to argue with the party about which riding was mine.

Due to how close this is, getting all the ballots recorded in the right ridings is important, and that seems to be the key issue.

On a more snarky note; after John Tory's big religious school screw up, and Hudak's missing 100,000 jobs, people thought, "Surely Patrick Brown can not screw up more than that"


He touched some women, refused to quit


Sparked a leadership race

Got kicked out of caucus

Said he was not going to run

Decided to run

Dropped out

Organize the leadership race

Fail to get verifications to voters

Extend deadline

Extend it again

Get taken to court

Have a big day

Fail to find a winner

Tell entire party to follow mike crawley on twitter

I guess they are trying to make sure that they screw up so badly, they can never screw up "worse than this" ever again.

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