Friday, March 4, 2016

Thought: Big Words

One thing that I pride myself on is my use of little words. Sure I can use big words, but I do not. Why? Simple. I want to keep my message accessible. It is not just about reaching those who were born here in Canada, but also those for whom english is a second language.

Anyway, this was inspired by a youtube video I am watching.


This video does contain offensive language and images.

However it does explain my point pretty well.

I feel this is one of the biggest things that separates my blog from some others like the world elections blog. I'm not here to explain everything to you; I'll give you the basic background so you can digest a post in 2 or 3 minutes, and go on about your day. If you want to dig in, you can, but my primary objective is accessibility. I want to be sure that everyone can read this blog if they choose to do so, even if that comes at the cost of having each and every single one of those people choosing another politics blog as their person favourite.

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