Friday, February 5, 2016

Housekeeping: Labels on posts

I've decided to make a list on what I've decided as the final "labels" that I'll attach before a post.

Housekeeping: These are things referencing the blog itself and how it operates. Housekeeping posts may include announcements as to if I'm taking a break, if I'm going to a schedule of some sort, or anything else relating to the operation of the blog itself.

Country: The name of any country (save Canada, her Provinces, Territories, and Municipalities) that the post is about. This should help people find things they are interested in. I may also use sub-national units like "Scotland" or "California" of the post applies to that area alone, but will not always do so, as, many people may not know where "Schleswig-Holstein" or "Limpopo" even are.

Quickie: The tag for any short post.

Thought: In general, a ramble about an issue full of opinion. I try to keep my posts free of opinion and full of act; my mission is to provide you the facts and let you decide upon an opinion based on that; but from time to time there is something I feel strongly about, and will have a thought I wish to share.

Issue: Similar to a thought, except, focusing more on facts and less on opinion; the idea here is that I'm presenting an issue that's been in the news (or may become in the new in the coming future) for your consumption.

Video: Reserved for when I start doing videos.

Audio: Same as above, but for audio.

Prediction: For Canada (and her subregions) only; this is a non-official prediction for how I think an election will play out.

Projection: For Canada (and her subregions) only; this is an official, mathematical, thought out, and calculated projection for how I have some level of confidence that an election will play out.

Alternate History: There is some interest in this, and I share it, so from time to time, you may see this.

Off Topic: Anything unrelated to politics.

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