Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quip - The BNP

This is the first "Quip" post, these are very short posts on select issues.

Today; the BNP. The British National Party is a far-right party in the UK that is, basically, racist. In 2009, at the EU elections (to the EU Parliament) the party won 2 seats. At around the same time they also won representation on the London council (municipal/county level).

In both cases, the party ended up fracturing due to internal divisions, and once the voting record of these elected representatives was known, none of them were re-elected.

There is a knee-jerk reaction among many that "crazy" political parties with "insane" positions need to be silenced.

The opposite, in fact, is reality in a modern democracy. Thanks to the focus on the BNP and what they really stood for, we now find ourselves in 2016, where the BNP has been deregistered as a party.

It is attention, not censorship, that will destroy any fundamentalist political movement.

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