Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Political Parties and Accountability; NWT election.

I will now cover the Northwest Territories election, in full:

"There was an election today"

One problem is that, unlike what people think, there was not a "Northwest Territories Election" today, there were 19 different elections that all happened to be held on the same day.

There is an idea, up north, that one should have a consensus government. It's a good idea, frankly, that a government should be based on the feelings of all MLAs, and not just some of them. However, there is a problem.


Incumbents have been defeated, and this does indicate a "vote against the government" - or does it? Watching the coverage, it's quite clear that nobody has a flying clue who the hell will be Premier. Is that democracy? I strongly feel it is not.

NWT voters have been robbed of their chance to "vote out a government". They may have done so, maybe the Premier won't be re-elected in the new legislature, but who knows. Certainly not me, certainly not any of the CBC panel discussing the election, and certainly not the voters.

As such, this is all I really have to say on the NWT election at this time. I will address it more in depth closer to the USA election, and use the dysfunctional congress as the perfect example of what happens when you lack accountability in elections.

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  1. Key point to take away - if you can't unambiguously "vote out a government" you've lost the key, basic, and fundamental aspect of Democracy.