Sunday, November 22, 2015

Patreon goal - which 100

In my goal at Patreon, I say that I'd like to cover 100 countries and provinces; but you may wonder which ones?

The reality is I already plan to cover them. Many of them are provinces. They are...

States and Territories of Australia (8)
Lander of Germany (16)
UK subdivisions; Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London (4)
Provinces and Territories of Canada (13)
Hong Kong (1)

Canada (1)
EU members (28)
Plus the EU itself (1)
Non-EU "western" neighbours (3) *Norway, Iceland, Switzerland
Non-EU "balkan" neighbours (6)
Israel and Palestine (2)
Japan (1)
South Korea (1)
Russia (1)
Indonesia (1)
Singapore (1)
Thailand (1)
Iran (1)
Iraq (1)
India (1)
Pakistan (1)
Taiwan (1)Ukraine (1)
Turkey (1)
Egypt (1)
Myanmar (1)
Mexico (1)
Philippines (1)
Ghana (1)
South Africa (1)

You'll notice, however, some of them had elections recently that I did not cover, at least, not here. The reality is with only 20 people reading it, I can get more exposure posting my analysis of some of this stuff at random discussion forums. The pledges will force me - morally - to post it here as well, and as such, make the blog much better.'

You'll also notice the US is not on this list. There is a good reason for that, one I will outline in my next post.

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