Monday, September 12, 2022

Sep2022 Sweden election results

24 - V - Hard Left
108 - S - Progressive
18 - MP - Green Party
24 - C - Agrarian-Liberal
16 - L - Liberal
67 - M - Centre-right
19 - KD - Social Conservative
73 - SD - Hard Right

Unclear what governments can be formed. S+M (the Socialists and the Moderate Party) would also have a majority, but by a single seat. However, the two parties seem to be talking. This would effectively be a "grand coalition" government; and, if I was leader of C (the centre party, which is agrarian-liberal) I would be trying to get in on this, in large part, because my party is between these two policy-wise, and we could not only easily slot in to such a government, but give it boosted numbers.

SD seems to have been the big "winner", but, as the more "extreme" party, its not likely they'll be in government.


SD+M+L+KD technically has a majority by a single seat. SD will push hard for this option. 

My money is on S+M+C, or, another election in a few weeks/months. 

Keep in mind that an implausible V+MP+C+L+M+KD government would not have a majority; meaning either S, or SD, need to be in a government for it to have a majority. 

Lastly, note that Sweden no longer requires a majority for its governments. It is possible for a minority to take office, as has been the case for the last little while. However, like the current government, any new minority could easily 'collapse' and cause a new election.

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