Friday, May 1, 2020

Personal: Why I've changed my views on immigration

At record unemployment levels, some (farmers come to mind) still demand bringing in people from out of the country.

That's it. It's just that simple for me.

Keep in mind that I am on disability, and have been unable to find a job for some time. This helps explain why. I have few to no useful skills; and as someone with Autism, likely need a bit more attention to help me get used to any new job. Additionally, I've never worked a physical job (the closest being fast food) and so would need even more help. It's quite likely that a lot of the unemployed who could work at these farms have some similarities.

That'd mean not only would the Farmers need to spend more time and effort getting us up to speed, but they'd likely have to pay us more too.

Instead, they wish to bring in workers they can mistreat and underpay.

Yea, Naw.

It never hit me before how widespread of a problem we had. These sort of actions help bring down wages at the lower end of the spectrum, and, help to encourage unemployment in the country.

Maybe it's about time we start to look at how to help those in our own country. Maybe it's about time we bring in programs to help people, financially, move from areas with high unemployment to areas with low unemployment. Maybe it's about time we ask ourselves who we, as a society, should focus on helping.

My views on other issues have no changed. Bernier is still insane. I'm not going to start backing the Tories, especially when many of their members are nuts. I will, however, start demanding that programs to help the less well off be moved way up the priority list for the parties I plan to support.

I'm on ODSP. There are those worse off than me. Want my vote? Tell me how you are going to help them, and give me ironclad guarantees they are your priority.

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