Monday, April 20, 2020

Daily Update - 20APR2020

Quick updates on situations around the world: While Ireland continues to slowly approach a coalition government, Israel seems headed in the opposite direction after Bibi and Gantz have broken off their talks. The Knesset appears ready to pass anti-netanyahu laws with respect to his corruption charge. Since Israeli Politics loves their last second deals, I'll keep you up to date on how all of this plays out.

I also want to quickly address traffic, physical car traffic. I've often had a hard time explaining when and where lanes should be added to highways, as, 19 out of 20 proposals to add lanes to highways, only make things worse, not better. The answer is as follows:
Add lanes to highways if...
1 - You see, during this pandemic, on google maps traffic view, the area has traffic, and keeps having regular traffic problems, and,
2 - This problem is not caused by a temporary issue, such as construction, or car crashes, and,
3 - All approaches to this problematic area are shown in green (IE low/no traffic), and,
4 - All exits to this problematic area are also shown in green.
I've not been able to compile a full list of such areas, but right now, in new york city, there is a grand total of one (1) area that qualifies; Harlem River Dr under Willis Ave Bridge. I'll be keeping an eye on if this is a repeating problem, but if so, I would support an extra lane between 135th and 120th streets.

Back to politics; I'm going to quickly look at a number of countries and how things are going in terms of polls.

France: The most recent Presidential poll is from October, it had Macron beating Le Pen, 55 to 45. There's some thought Macron has handled the virus poorly, and when polls resume, it may even show Le Pen in the lead.

Germany: the CDU (and CSU) have shot up in the polls due to the Covid response. Polls suggest the following could happen in an election; note, this includes many overhang seats:

287 CDU (+41)
128 SPD (-25)
121 GRN (+54)
75 AfD (-19)
60 LNK (-9)
38 FDP (-42)

Italy: I've also compiled a simple poll based projection for Italy:

160 Lega (+65)
145 PD (+33)
98 M5S (-129)
95 FdI (+63)
48 FI (-56)
24 IV (+24)
30 Others (+-0)

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