Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Validation and Recounts

Not all ridings have validated their results. This is a process where - if I understand it correctly - the central office for the riding takes a look at all the information to ensure everything is in order.

As expected, this means some of the more remote ridings have yet to validate.

In addition, there are 3 recounts that have been ordered.

As such, I've prepared maps of only the uncontested validated results, meaning unvalidated ridings, or, ridings in recount, are shown as empty.


  1. I was present at the validation of our count here in Burlington - its a long process, and that was when the result wasn't close. For some of these districts where the winner and second place is separated by 100-200 votes, they'd fight tooth and nail over every disputed bingo sheet or ballot.

    1. Under the N, Free Space "aw man, I was hoping for D-P"