Friday, October 9, 2015

09OCT2015 Projection - Map update

No riding update today. I've been very busy potentially landing a great job.

Yes, that is a CPC seat outside Montreal.

I've also been working heavily with regional adjustments in Ontario and Quebec, and am still tinkering to make things better match the polls. 

And no, there is no summary of seats won because that is not important just yet. We are still far enough away from the election that what matters right now is the vote splits.

And lastly, there is one seat, Kelowna, that is going against the Tories because the Green candidate withdrew. If we truly have a close election, this may be the seat that puts Trudeau over the top, and if so, it may spark discussions for all sorts of progressive mergers, be it something I strongly support, Green-Liberal, something I strongly oppose, NDP-Liberal, something that I find worrying, Green-NDP, or something that would change everything, Green-NDP-Liberal

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