Monday, October 19, 2015


Not much to do for someone like me, who already voted and does not back one party, beyond twiddle my thumbs.

As such, expect random postings about "interesting things" until the polls close.

This post is about who will be Dean of the house after the election.

It will be one of these people, presuming they get re-elected:

Louis Plamondon (BQ)
Lawrence MacAulay (Lib)
Wayne Easter (Lib)
Ralph Goodale (Lib)
Hedy Fry (Lib)
Mauril Belanger (Lib)
Stephane Dion (Lib)

In that order. Thus, if Plamondon gets elected, he is Dean, if not, it goes to MacAulay, etc.

Note as well that leaders and cabinet members can not take up the role of Dean as it relates to speakership, and as such, you may need to move down the list, as many on this list are candidates for cabinet.

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