Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Justin Trudeau has committed to moving Canada away from FPTP and towards STV.

I will do a post later explaining exactly how STV works, but for now, just be aware it means a "ranked ballot", like most parties use for electing their leaders.

I've used some results from the last Nanos poll, showing 2nd choices of the various parties.

Using that I've determined, or rather, estimated, that this is what the 2015 election would have looked like had we run using STV.

Note that ridings that change hands due to STV, vs FPTP, are noted on each map.

End results?
203 Liberals
75 Tories
57 New Democrats
2 Bloquistes
1 Green

There are some problems with this "blanket" approach. For example, I'm willing to bet that Tories would have ranked Jack Harris above some no-name Liberal, but, I decided to go with what the polls said, at the risk of missing individual riding quirks like that.

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