Monday, January 16, 2017

Northern Ireland heading to the polls on March 2nd

This post I made earlier gives some background.

January (and December) tend to be dead months politically, with only the US generating news. By the time of the NI election, things should pick up again, and as such, we will be returning to a closer to
regular schedule here at Teddy on Politics.

The Assembly is still sitting, and something unexpected could happen, but all signs point towards en election. Should one occur (and it seems "inevitable", the BBC's own term) Wednesday, I will give an introductory post to the NI election, detailing the parties and their positions, as well as possible projections, some major issues, and the electoral system.

On further days this week and in to next week, I will go party by party in detail and explain where they stand and why. Should events occur elsewhere, this will interrupt the schedule, but there are no elections scheduled that I follow anytime soon.

Tomorrow is reserved for news closer to home, with a map showing the Conservative Party's leadership endorsements, something you may have already seen if you follow me on twitter.

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